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Penny Sneddon  BLOWBANG SLUT



Some years ago I worked as a nude photo-model,  letting a lot of men photograph me naked in various poses, and letting them film me frigging my cunt.


Often, the photographers wanted to fuck me after the sessions, or have me suck their cocks. As I was already naked I would always just open my mouth and suck them off, or spread my legs for them to push their cocks up my cunt bareback and fuck me full of their spunk.


After a while it dawned on me that all they really wanted was to have sex with me, so I gave up the nude modelling and just let them pay to fuck me. It saved time and I was able to see a lot more men.


So it was I worked as a prostitute for just under a year. When I got married I gave up getting paid for it, and since then I've always let men have sex with me for free.


I get naked in sex-cinemas & suck the cocks of 10-20 men at a time

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