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Penny Sneddon  BLOWBANG SLUT

I used to go to the Foxy Lady adult cinema in the West Midlands, where I would take on all-comers, suck all the men's cocks in the seats, then let them gang-fuck me bareback on the stage and fill my cunt with cum. My husband had to lick me out after.


These days since my back got bad through work related problems, I don't get fucked as often. However, I do suck hundreds of cocks. I make my cuck husband take me to a local sex club which is always full of men.


I get naked in the cinema room, and suck-off all the men in the place. My cuckold husband has to stand there and watch as all the men stick their cocks in my mouth, grope my big tits and finger my cunt.


I usually suck-off between 10-20 men in every session. I let them cum in my mouth, or on my face tits or cunt. After they all finish using me I always make my husband lick-up any spilled spunk and swallow it.


11 Jul 2018   -   4 men


21 Jul 2018   -   8 men


4 Aug 2018    -   4 men


15 Aug 2018  - 12 men


22 Aug 2018  - 14 men


29 Aug 2018  - 13 men


5 Sep 2018  -  10 men


12 Sep 2018 - 13 men


19 Sep 2018 - 10 men


26 Sep 2018  -   9 men


3  Oct  2018  -  13 men


10 Oct 2018  -  13 men


17 Oct 2018  -  15 men


24 Oct 2018  -  14 men


31 Oct 2018  -    5 men


7  Nov 2018  -    7 men


14 Nov 2018  - 18 men


21 Nov 2018 - 12  men


28 Nov 2018 -  12 men


5 Dec 2018   -  12 men


12 Dec 2018 - 18 men


19 Dec 2018  -   6 men


26 Dec 2018  -10 men


2 Jan 2019    - 11 men


9 Jan 2019    - 20 men


To date:         283 men


"Had a wonderful meet with Penny today at the Gatehouse. As I entered the cinema she was busy sucking off 3 men. It was an amazing sight. I waited my turn and wow she blew my mind! Thanks Penny much appreciated. Pity I couldn’t have lasted longer." - Tony 5/9/2018


"This lady can sure put a smile on your face. What can I say, she will sure blow your mind as well as your manhood." - Jay 5/9/2018


"Penny is so genuine and loves cum on her breasts. A lovely long and leisurely BJ that had one delightful happy ending. Thanks Penny." - Pete 5/9/2018


"Gorgeous woman not to be missed." - Bob 5/9/2018


"I can confirm this woman is a slut. She devours cock for fun. Any thickness and length, not a problem for this slut. I fully shot my heavy load all over her tits, she had cum everywhere. Till next time slut." - Gaz 5/9/2018


"Met at Gatehouse. Great suck, big tits, lovely." - Paul 5/9/2018


"Met up at Gatehouse again with the sexy slut Penny. I saved my cum up for her and I covered her big tits with it." - Dave 5/9/2018


"I met Penny, she really is a cocksucking slut. Maybe that's what makes her so bloody good at sucking cock. I'm ashamed to say, but she made me cum loads within minutes. Next time she's going to work very hard for my cum on her tits. Thanks. Love to have a regular bj from you." - Dave 5/9/2018


"I met Penny at the Gatehouse yesterday afternoon. She was with her husband who was watching her suck cock. I was first in line and showered her tits with cum after her sucking my fat cock." - John 12/9/2018


"Simply loves cock and adores cum. What an amazing cock-loving slut. Defo will cum again for Penny." - Shawn 12/9/2018


"I met Penny and she's a lovely sexy lady with a horny American accent. She has gorgeous big boobs and wasn't in a rush when she was entertaining me. I look forward to seeing Penny again." - Steve 12/9/2018


"Met this foxy lady in Bolton at the Gatehouse. Really friendly, warm and welcoming. Made me feel at ease to pull my cock out, and she served me and many other lads well. I even seen lads cum by just watching her in action! Lovely pair of tits and great company with her husband, very bubbly and up for a laugh. She is the real deal guys. I fully recommend her to anyone looking for a good draining! And I'll hopefully see her again soon!" - Dan 19/9/2018


"Today I met Penny Sneddon, what a lovely lady she is. After a brief introduction at the Gatehouse she soon started sucking my cock. Great oral skills, and deffo will be meeting her again." - Keith 26/9/2018


"Was down on business again. Popped in for a bj. Amazing." - Bill 26/9/2018


"Met this lovely lady at The Gatehouse on Wednesday. A delight to watch and play with, and she is all she says she is on her profile. Don't miss the opportunity to meet her." - Tony 26/9/2018


"Met Penny Sneddon today at the Gatehouse. Very pleasant lady. I would recommend any guy to have a chance to meet her, she will have you coming in no time. Treat her with respect guy's, she deserves it." - Dave 3/10/2018


"Thanks for the bj Penny. You are one sexy lady." - Mike 3/10/2018


"The biggest slag on here is Penny Sneddon. She will take any cock, and spunk from anyone. Been a slag longer than most have been born. Loves my cock in her mouth and drains my cock and balls every time, just like the 800 or so others she has drained. Fucking dirty slag and skank slut." - Steve 3/10/2018


"Met the sexy cocksucking slut Penny Sneddon last week, and she sucked my cock so good until I shot a massive load over her tits. Highly recommended." - Guy from Enfield 3/10/2018

"Loved this skanky slag sucking and draining me again. Best slag on here. Penny Sneddon you are awesome." - Steve 10/10/2018


"Wow. Met Penny at Gatehouse on Wednesday. She sucked me off and was a really nice slut. mmmm. First time meet, hopefully cum all over her pussy next time." - Tony 10/10/2018


"Met Penny in the Gatehouse. Best blow job ever. Lovely lady, knows what a guy wants." - Peter 10/10/2018


"Best sexy slut I have had the pleasure of ." - Bi-Tony 17/10/2018


"Penny Sneddon is the biggest, best slag on here. I loved face fucking her, and her draining me again. Drained me fully 3 times." - Steve 17/10/2018


"Just been to visit Penny in the Gatehouse in Farnworth, and she was as good as her profile says. She was in the cinema room in hold-up stockings, sucking two men when I got there. She finished sucking those two then started on me and another guy. She sucked us both and wanked us in turn, then I came in her mouth. Very horny. Very friendly." - Stuart 24/10/2018


"Great lady. Sucks so good, and great body." - Stuart2 24/10/2018


"4 weeks in a row Penny Sneddon has proved that she's the ultimate slut on here. Drained 14 of us a number of times. The best slag on here." - Steve 24/10/2018


"This lady is pure dynamite, with the oral skills of an angel. Perfection." - Rob 24/10/2018


"Met Penny at the Gatehouse. Was a bit nervous but she was lovely and put me at ease, finishing with a real knee jerker. See you soon Penny." - James 31/10/2018


"Met Penny and her hubby at the Gatehouse. Awesome bj, I think I jizzed my spine Had a good chat later on the importance of numbers, gun control, politics, zombies and how much cum 1000 guys would produce, just everyday conversation, lovely people." - Gary 7/11/2018


"What can I say? An amazing woman. Popped into the Gatehouse on my lunch. Met Penny Sneddon and my hard cock was in her mouth in seconds. Sucked like a true professional and I deposited my load on this awesome slut's fantastic tits. Look forward to meeting her again soon to spray her with more cum." - Mark 7/11/2018


"This woman truly is the best cock slut on Fab, expertly milking cocks into her eager mouth. Superb slut." - Paul 14/11/2018


"Hi, thanks for the nice sucking at the Gatehouse. Hope to see you again." - Dave 14/11/2018


"I was one of the many men who Penny sucked off. It was great to watch her in action with the man before me and then take a turn. I waited for the guy in front to pull out and three of us lunged forward! I was lucky enough for to be closest to her mouth and my cock was soon being sucked. Her technique is perfect and she knows exactly how to make a man cum quickly so everyone gets a turn. And to watch her husband just sit there seeing her have a group of men queue up to put their hard cocks in her mouth was great!" - Gareth 14/11/2018


"Met Penny at the Gatehouse on Wednesday for her blowbang special. Wow it was worth it - so good I came back for seconds. Thank you for making my first club visit so much fun as well. Had a good chat afterwards - while my legs recovered and I could walk again." - Steve 14/11/2018


"Wow, an amazing woman, and believe me she knows how to suck your knob. Will want for no other lips round it. Very attractive woman, very very lovely lady to talk to. Please go get her, she is a gem. Till next time." - Arron 14/11/2018


"Wow, Penny Sneddon. What a super slut. She sucked me and the rest of us dry. This woman knows what she is doing. Not to be missed, and will be back for more." - Mike 14/11/2018


"Sucks so good, took all my cock and took my load over her big tits." - Paul 14/11/2018


"Got sucked off by this amazing slut. Best suck I've had. Can't wait till next time." - Craig 21/11/2018

"If you like having your cock sucked by a true greedy cum-slut then you should definitely get to one of Penny Sneddon's meets. She definitely love's cock, and love's spunk too. Just check out her videos to see what a dirty slut this whore really is." - Graham 28/11/2018


"Had some unexpected time off so decided to pay a visit to the Gatehouse. Very glad I did. To say that this lady sucks better than a Dyson is an understatement. She took me all the way to the back of her throat and her tongue action is the best I've ever experienced. Any guys who love oral and aren't fixated on penetration wouldn't go wrong with meeting this true slut." - Martin 28/11/2018


"Penny is a great looking, hot sexy lady and genuine nice person but with a very naughty side. Which of course I enjoyed along with a few other guys, if you get chance to meet her then don’t hesitate!" - Martin 28/11/2018


"Met Penny at the Gatehouse and had the most wonderful bj. What a great suck off this woman. The slag sucked a good number of cocks wasting no time getting on to the next lucky guy. If you're ever there, do not give her a miss. What a great slut she was, can't wait till i see her again. Her name is Penny Sneddon and she sure can suck cock." - Ben 28/11/2018


"I met Penny the other week and she looked so hot with cum splattered over her face and a line of guys getting sucked by her. When she sucked me her mouth was full of other guys cum which turned me on even more. I shot my load and wiped my cock over her face. Penny you are an amazingly filthy woman and I will see you again, again and again." - Dion 28/11/2018


"She knew how to suck my cock. Wow, fantastic mouth that was born to have cock in it." - Ron 5/12/2018


"Lovely lady. Nice personality and great fun with good oral skills." - Vic 5/12/2018


"Hi Penny met you on Wednesday. You gave me an amazing bj. I was the one squeezing the water bottle lol. Thanks for a great day, it was good to meet you. Hopefully see you again soon." - John 5/12/2018


"Penny Sneddon is filthy and I love the service she provided. Amazing oral skill. Made me throb seeing her naked. Penny made sure I cum and was more than satisfied. I hope we meet again in the future." - Arron 5/12/2018


"The best suck I have ever had and looks like I'll be in Gatehouse every Wednesday now. The greedy girl swallows the lot. If anyone on here is better than this girl she would be a 11 out of 10 because this one is a superstar. Can't wait to meet you again." - Carl 5/12/2918


"Wow, the slut Penny. She sucked me dry. The most amazing suck ever. A beautiful sexy slut who justs wants to suck and suck us all. Gents go say hello." - Mike 5/12/2018


"What a lady, she gives the best bj." - Tony 12/12/2018


"Saw Penny today at the Gatehouse. She sucked my cock dry. Her accent was such a turn on as well. Hot lady. Don't miss out." - Simon 12/12/2018


"Penny was great. Meeting her, what a great bj. Hope to meet again soon. Don't miss out guys if you get the chance." - Robert 12/12/2018


"Penny is the real deal. Just had an amazing, albeit brief, meet. As I walked through the door I was greeted by the delectable Penny and I’m not gonna lie I was immediately turned on as she wore the most revealing outfit. Her tits caught my attention and she has the sexiest outfit. I was led into Penny's office where I'm afraid I didn’t last very long as she sucked my cock, although the plus point was I came everywhere including her gorgeous tits and leather skirt. Hubby was left to clean up the mess as he followed orders and lapped up the bits he missed. If you’re lucky to meet then don’t let her down. Amazing, and hope to see you at the Gatehouse." - James 17/12/2018


"I had the pleasure of meeting Penny Sneddon in person and what a wonderful experience she is. A proper slut of a woman, who is very comfortable in her own skin and giving unreserved pleasure to men. I had the pleasure of receiving a nice wet bj, that made my knees! Looking forward to a longer session very soon." - Aslam 26/12/2018


"What can I say? An amazing woman. Popped into the Gatehouse on my lunch. Met Penny and my hard cock was in her mouth in seconds. Sucked and took my every drop." - Ian 26/12/2018

"Wow what a big-titted cocksucker Penny Sneddon is .. sucks cocks and loves spunk. Watched her have many guys today at the Gatehouse. Defo meet again." - Steve 26/12/2018


"You sucked me off at Gatehouse, second time." - Paul 26/12/2018


"Penny Sneddon gave me the best blowy I've ever had. Sucked to perfection. Only bad thing is I never got all my cum in her mouth, it went everywhere but worth it. Thanks Penny." - Gary 26/12/2018


"Met up with Penny at the Gatehouse again today for another BJ. Wow, she is good - just wish I could have lasted longer - but that was all because of Penny - she certainly knows what she is doing. Jelly legs once again." - Steve 2/1/2019


"Met Penny Sneddon today and she gave the most amazing oral I’ve ever had. I came loads. Lovely lady with amazing breasts. Will deffo meet again, thank you." - Richard 2/1/2019


"Omg, great bj and all over hair as well. Thanks, one of the best." - Jack 2/1/2019


"This lady is really, really good. Thanks, and hopefully see you again." - Kevin 2/1/2019


"Wow, Penny is amazing. First time I have met her and will be back for more. She made the visit to the Gatehouse more than worth it. Penny you may not remember, I was the first cock in your mouth today. Thanks, and I will be back for more." - Bob 2/1/2019


"Wow, we met at the Gatehouse. Amazing watching her at work, and one amazing blowjob she gave me. Thanks." - Paul 2/1/2019


"Penny Sneddon is as real as it gets. A truly delightful slut, in the horniest possible way. She sucked a dozen of us last time barely stopping for breath and was plastered in spunk. You really have to witness it to believe it. Lovely tits and a gorgeous pussy. Your first time will be something you never forget, her oral skills are beyond compare and her sexy accent makes it even more dirty. She adores being used and abused and next time I'm going to come all over her face. And hopefully hubby will lick it off." - Bob 2/1/2019


"Met Penny Sneddon in the Gatehouse. She was sucking cocks like the skanky slag that she is. She'll let anyone spunk on her, the dirty slut. She has soft big tits, a round belly and is the perfect spunk whore." - John 2/1/2019


“What a very sexy looking lady, and knows what she is doing. Till next time, I hope.” – Dave 9/1/2019


“Penny gives a great blowjob. Until next time.” – Steve 9/1/2019


“Met the lovely Penny at the Gatehouse on Wednesday. She has a lovely wet mouth and has excellent oral skills. Her husband Paul is also a lovely guy. Enjoyed chatting to him whilst watching Penny suck multiple cocks. Hope to meet again soon sweetheart.” – Tony 9/1/2019


“Impromptu meet, where this dirty cunt sucked me off with such vigour and eagerness, I had no idea how she managed another 19 guys.” - Mike 9/1/2019


"Believe me guys, this woman is the real deal! I you want to know what a real blow-bang is like (like in porn) then visit the Gatehouse and see Penny Sneddon. With 20 men she was a proper slag and was happy to be used as a cum dump like the slut she is. She certainly had me pulsating and I cum so hard it hurt." - Jason 9/1/2019


"Wow. Penny was sensational at cock sucking. She can't get enough cock. Her cock sucking skills are awesome." - Jazz 9/1/2019


I get naked in sex-cinemas & suck the cocks of 10-20 men at a time



"I've been a massive fan of dirty cum slut Penny Sneddon for a long time now. I must say that she's even more gorgeous and sexy in the flesh. She took me and another man Into the cinema room and took her jacket off to reveal her gorgeous, big sexy breasts which we both sucked and played with." - David 11/7/2018


"Just met slut Penny for a cocksuck this afternoon. She is very nice and naughty. Hope to see her again." - Brian 21/7/2018


"I met this Saturday with Penny. Very sexy woman. No-one sucked my dick like Penny." - Tomas 21/7/2018


"Great time and hope to meet you again." - Amir 21/7/2018


"Met Penny at the Gatehouse today. Great lady who loves sucking cock and is really good at it. Good company too. I will definitely try to meet her again soon." - Joel 4/8/2018


"Met Penny at the Gatehouse and left very satisfied. A good body and she more than satisfied me. Also a great lady to have a conversation with. I will definitely be catching up with her again, as I was not disappointed. Fellas, do not pass her by." - Joe 4/8/2018


"Club suck, great lady. Would love 1 on 1 at her work." - Derek 22/8/2018


"Sucks like a Dyson." - NT 22/8/2018


"Met up with Penny at the Gatehouse. I watched this horny lady sucking 3 other cocks before I let her suck me dry. She loved my spunk all over her big tits." - Dave 22/8/2018


"Amazing blow job that I can’t wait to repeat. Hopefully see you soon." - Garred 22/8/2018


"She gave me a great blowjob. Thanks." - Rob 22/8/2018


"Met Penny today at the Gatehouse. Genuine perv who definitely knows how to give a blowjob." - Tommy 29/8/2018


"Met this lovely lady today in the Gatehouse. It was well worth it. Fantastic blowjob skills. Can't wait till next time. She knows how to put a smile on your face. " - Graham 29/8/2018


"Wow. Penny is such a slut. She drained me taking everything I had, then she drained a least 10 guys. What a spunk-hungry girl she is." - Tony 29/8/2018


"Met Penny in a club. She gave a lovely blow job. If you get a chance to meet this lady you will enjoy it." - Pete 29/8/2018


"Met up with Penny again today at Gatehouse, She sucked and wanked my cock till I cum all over the slut's great big tits." - Dave 29/8/2018


"Down on business. Met Penny. Mmmm, what a Bj." - Bill 29/8/2018


"Watched this real slut today. Penny Sneddon is her name, and i watched as she took 10 guys cum in 30 minutes. She was covered in it, what a slut. Next time I'm using her. Thanks Penny you are a true slut." - Nick 29/8/2018


"Met slut Penny today, and she blew me away. She sucks better than a Dyson. Treat her with respect guys, she will reward you." - Mark 29/8/2018


"Met Penny today at the Gatehouse, and fuck me she sucked and swallowed every last drop. She's simply amazing." - Ian 29/8/2018


"Made the most of my day-off to head to the club where this filthy lady was sucking cocks like they were going out of fashion. After watching her devour three big loads it was my turn, and boy can this lady suck, so good I struggled to hold back before covering her with a nice big load." - Steve 29/8/2018


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